Affordable Multifamily Housing in Cambridge

Can a multifamily Passive House building be constructed for the same cost as a code-built building? According to architect and Certified Passive House Consultant Michelle Apigian of ICON Architecture, the answer is a resounding...

Mixed-Use Building Rises in Midtown Manhattan

This 24-story mixed-use building embodies the challenges and risks in developing an urban site with neighboring tall buildings, a tight zoning envelope, and a mid-block location with limited light, air, and access.

Nuthatch Hollow

Nuthatch Hollow is being designed to meet both the Passive House and the Living Building Challenge (LBC) standards.

Multifamily Moisture Control

Domestic moisture generation—moisture from human activity—is a major factor driving the humidity levels in our residential buildings, especially in superairtight Passive House construction.

California’s New Path to a Low-Carbon Future

In February of 2018, the city of Palo Alto released the groundbreaking report, Buildings Baseline Study and Roadmap for Zero Net Energy Buildings.

Flixo—A Learning Curve Worth Navigating

Flixo, two-dimensional thermal-modeling software that was recently developed in Europe, is relatively unknown in North America, but offers considerable promise for Passive House practitioners.

North American Highlights 2017

North American Highlights 2017 The last ten years has seen a phenomenal growth in Passive House buildings, and in the community of practitioners and businesses supporting the construction of these buildings. Passive House Buildings:...

New England Forges Ahead

New England Forges Ahead As professionals designing and constructing buildings, we aim to create buildings that are comfortable in all weather extremes without requiring massive mechanical systems, energy consumption, and related emissions. We also...

California’s Energy Future

California’s Energy Future California is a land of many climates, from sun-splashed beaches to snowy mountains. California’s Passive House buildings are similarly diverse, with each project well tailored to its respective climate. What these...