Passive House Buildings is the path to sustainable net zero buildings. We cover the latest developments and trends in building energy efficiency.

Mary James is the editor and publisher of Passive House Buildings magazine, a Low Carbon Productions publication. She has been producing Passive House content since 2008. Her books include Passive House in Different Climates: The Path to Net Zero, a series of regional guides to Passive House projects in North America, and American Passive House Developments: Multifamily, Multi-Use, and Retrofit Buildings. Previously she was the editor of Home Energy, a magazine covering building science news.

Tad Everhart is the marketing director of Passive House Buildings and sole proprietor of Tad Everhart Energy Advisor LLC.



Steve Mann is a certified Passive House Designer, Builder, and PHIUS+ Rater. He is also a California-certified HERS Rater and LEED AP+ for Homes professional. Steve has been an owner/builder for more than 25 years, and a professional writer for more than 30 years.


Leanne Maxwell is the art director at Passive House Buildings. She specializes in editorial and marketing graphic design for publications and small businesses.



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