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Passive House

Gaspereau, Nova Scotia

In early 2018, Philip Dennis and his family completed a 250-m2 single-family Passive House nestled in the heart of the Gaspereau Valley just outside the university town of Wolfville, Nova Scotia.

Photo by Philip Dennis
Passive House Metrics
Heating demand 15 kWh/m²a
Cooling and dehumidification demand 0.8 kWh/m²a
Primary energy demand 25 kWh/m²a
Air leakage 0.15 ACH₅₀

The project was purely a self-build initiative. Philip Dennis acted as primary designer, engineer, and general contractor. His goal was to meet the international Passive House standard, while also honing his understanding of how to build cost-effective high-performance homes in the Atlantic region of Canada.

As a full-time resident of this Passive House, he has been systematically evaluating the results, crafting improvements, and sharing the expertise gained from this project.

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