Passive House Temperance Street

Holly Ann Knott and Jim Spinney
the green builder, inc.
Mechanical Engineering
Rempel Engineering

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Temperance Street Passive House enjoys the merit of being the first building in Saskatchewan that was certified as a Passive House Plus by the PHI.

The three-storey duplex was designed and built in 2016 by Robin Adair of the green builder inc. for homeowners Jim Spinney and Holly-Ann Knott.

Passive House Metrics
Heating demand 15 kWh/m²a
Cooling and dehumidification demand 0 kWh/m²a
Primary energy demand 58 kWh/m²a
Air leakage 0.17 ACH₅₀ (design)

Attention to detail during construction was crucial in obtaining the outstanding final airtightness test result of 0.17 ACH50. A 6.8-kW PV system was installed on this all-electric building.

Monad Rupert
One Homeowner’s Experience