Spring 2018 Issue

For those designing, renovating, building, or consulting on a Passive House project, the Spring 2018 issue of Passive House Buildings is essential reading, capturing the state of the art in Passive House developments in North America. From ever-larger Passive House high-rises to commercial-building retrofits to single-family homes in challenging climates, each project featured in this issue delivers insights that can be applied and reapplied.

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Canadian Take on Energiesprong
Rising Towers in Vancouver
Pursuing Passive
Is Efficiency Dead? Passive House’s Role in the Clean Energy Revolution



The Rural Build
Embracing Cliffside Challenges
Pax Futura
New Training Center in Northeast
Sacred Heart Residences
Low-Carbon Living at Nordeast Nest
Woodstock Passive House
The Perlita Passive House
Passive Town Phase Three
Bringing Comfort and Efficiency to the Dallas Market
Old School Meets New School


Building Science

Kitchen Ventilation
Cooling and Dehumidification Using Ventilation Supply Air
Getting Cladding Attachment Right
PHPP Illustrated, Second Edition


From Small to Extra Large: Passive House Rising to New Heights
North American Highlights 2017